First Year Essentials for Baby

Congratulations on welcoming your little one! Days of joy, laughter, and yes, even some confusion and frustration are ahead. It can be overwhelming bringing a newborn home and figuring out what you actually need. In partnership with Parents, we’re here to help by bringing you a guide to the baby gear must-haves that will help make this first year easier and more enjoyable for you and for baby.

Baby Carrier Harmony

Baby Carrier Harmony helps you stay close to your baby in an ergonomic and safe way. Maximum comfort for your child and maximum convenience for you. Harmony comes in an airy mesh fabric.

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Travel Crib Light

Ensure a good night’s sleep wherever you go with this easy-to-transport travel crib designed with safety in mind. With airy mesh sides for breathability and visibility, our travel crib is designed for ages 0-2. It’s simple to set up in one motion, and its lightweight, portable design makes it perfect for bringing with you on trips, big or small.

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